Couples Counseling

Our ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships is often a challenge. If you’re looking for intimacy and connection, pre-marital, marriage counseling or couples counseling, recovery from loss or the trauma of infidelity, you’ve found a professional who is dedicated to helping you get what you’ve always wanted. As a Maryland state Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years’ experience and advanced training, Sonny has both the skills and compassion you need to achieve your goals.

Sexual Therapy

Although most of us experience intimacy and sexual difficulties at some time in our lives, it’s a common experience to feel shame or embarrassment about asking for help. Concerns frequently relate to mismatched emotional and sexual desires/needs, performance anxiety, orgasmic difficulties and/or the resolution of trauma from abuse or infidelity. Be assured of Sonny’s commitment to earning your trust and preserving your privacy as we work together to enhance intimacy and sexual satisfaction.