Life Transitions


Life doesn’t happen in a straight line. Many of us have already done the hard and painful work of recovery from abuse, trauma, addictions and loss, yet still find ourselves struggling. Life in recovery has many twists and turns, some unexpected joys and some fairly deep pits. But it is a continually amazing journey that includes experiencing both the good and bad in coming to know our authentic selves.

These days it seems everyone has struggled with some sort of addiction. Sometimes we feel shame acknowledging a prior addiction to substance use, work, sex, shopping, food; even after recovery we crave the old habits of running on adrenaline. The deeply ingrained patterns of numbing and avoidance, guilt or shame may continue to interfere with our ability to thrive.

Maybe you have hit a bump in the road or perhaps you’re having difficulties identifying what you want. Sometimes in life, even the strongest of us need some help when dealing with concerns related to major life transitions like aging, illness, career challenges, childbirth or loss of a loved one.

Unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves trapped in repetitive cycles without understanding how to change. Sonny is both direct and collaborative, offering powerful insights in a kind and gentle manner. By bringing your concerns together with Sonny‘s clinical skills in a safe, supportive setting, you can have the life you always wanted.