Sample of psychologist mediating


Our ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships is often a challenging aspect of life. Missing that important component, we sometimes feel hurt, angry, lonely, dissatisfied or frustrated. Relationship psychotherapy can help individuals, couples and families create new stories about ourselves, mend long standing negative patterns and enhance the secure connection and love we hold for one another.

Individuals and couples come for pre-marital counseling, to re-negotiate challenges in an otherwise comfortable relationship, to deal with stage of life changes or as the last hope before or after seeing a divorce attorney. Other relationship concerns include parenting issues, illness or grief at the end of a relationship or the trauma of infidelity.

Unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves trapped in repetitive cycles without understanding how to change. Sonny’s therapeutic style is both direct and collaborative, offering powerful insights in a kind and gentle manner. By bringing your concerns together with Sonny’s clinical skills in a safe, supportive setting, you can have the relationship you desire.