Sexual Counseling


Despite the research documenting that over 70% of us experience sexual difficulties at some time in our lives, it’s a common experience to feel shame or embarrassment about asking for help with such intimate problems. Once we leap the initial hurdle, we find that our problems can be resolved. Men and women, straight and gay, want and deserve to have the intimacy and sexual satisfaction they desire.

Common sexuality concerns include differing levels of desire for sexual intimacy and orgasmic difficulties including anxiety, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation and the trauma that follows sexual abuse or infidelity.  The challenges that accompany the aging process also impact sexual gratification.

Although Sonny specializes in helping adults improve their sexual relationships, no physical touch occurs in the office. An open, honest and trusting relationship is fundamental to good therapy. Please be assured of Sonny’s commitment to earning your trust and preserving your privacy. Your concerns can be treated successfully, resulting in enhanced intimacy and improved sexual satisfaction.